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Rotary Tray Vacuum microwave dryer For sale

Rotary tray vacuum microwave dryer For sale, which includes drying box, control system, vacuum system, transmission system, refrigeration cycle system and microwave heating system.

The rotary tray type Vacuum microwave dryer For sale includes a drying box, a control system, a vacuum system, a transmission system, a refrigeration cycle system and a microwave heating system. The front of the drying box is provided with a door with a microwave sealing strip and a control system. A microwave heating system is installed on the top, and a vacuum system composed of a vacuum pump and a vacuum solenoid valve is installed on the bottom, which is connected to a refrigeration cycle system; the refrigeration cycle system consists of a vacuum pump, a condenser and a water tank, and a transmission system is installed on one side of the box body; The transmission system includes a drive motor, a rotary drive device and a main shaft, the horizontal main shaft supported in the box is connected through the rotary drive device, and the main shaft is fixed with a rotary bracket that rotates with it.
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