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Committed to the research, development and manufacturing of food equipment

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Yantai Hai Rui Food Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Yantai. The company insists that science and technology are the first productive forces, devotes itself to the research and development and manufacturing of food equipment, and provides safe, hygienic and reliable products for the food industry.

Our company's main products: vacuum (low temperature) frying machine, experimental (small) vacuum frying machine, horizontal vacuum frying machine, complete production line of fruit and vegetable chips, vacuum freeze drying equipment, vacuum impregnation equipment, cold air drying equipment, food thawing equipment, food refrigeration, freezer complete fluorine system refrigeration equipment, food process chiller, fruit and vegetable pretreatment production line, drum flavor machine, spiral seasoning machine, stainless steel tank, stainless steel products, etc, at the same time to provide users with related technical support and services.

Our company has an innovative, energetic and cohesive team, with experienced professional and technical personnel and skilled workers in the team, which ensures the stability and reliability of the product's advanced technology and quality, coupled with timely and rapid service, to ensure that customers rest easy.

Company tenet: take quality as life, take technology as the guide, seek development in good faith, seek benefit by management.

The company advocates the spirit of "creating a fresh world and enjoying delicious food", and is willing to create a win-win situation with new and old customers and friends in the food industry.

Customer Service

In order to ensure the good operation of the products, our company solemnly promises:

1. Our company designs the scheme design of the full assembly line of fruit and vegetable crisp chips for customers free of charge, and the process layout of each equipment of the assembly line to provide high-quality fruit and vegetable crisp chips for new and old customers. Our company can design non-standard products for customers.

2. The quality guarantee period is twelve months.

3. Our company is responsible for debugging the equipment.

4. Technical training: In order to enable the operators of the demander to master the daily operation, maintenance and other essentials of the bidding products of our company and understand the performance characteristics of the unit, two operators will be trained for the demander free of charge during on-site commissioning.

5. During the warranty period, if quality problems are found, we guarantee to send personnel to the site within a short period of time after receiving the notice. If the product quality problems are caused by defects in product design, process, materials and accessories, we shall be responsible for repairing, replacing or returning the products, and the cost shall be paid by us. If quality problems are caused by improper use and maintenance, we are responsible for maintenance and only charge material cost; after the warranty period is exceeded, our company still provides the maintenance and repair of the unit, but charges the cost of the maintenance project.

After the normal operation of the equipment, we visit users regularly every year to provide necessary services.

7. We provide spare parts and maintenance services to the equipment at the most favorable price for life.

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We are willing to work with new and old customers and friends to create a better tomorrow. Our customers come from all over the world.

Our products are exported to Japan, the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Tajikistan, the United States, the Netherlands and other countries.

Partners come to Yantai to visit Yantai Hai Rui Food Equipment Co., Ltd.


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