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Benefits of using a continuous vacuum fryer

Continuous vacuum frying machines are widely used in the food processing industry. The characteristics of continuous vacuum frying machines are as follows:

Our company produces continuous vacuum frying machines.The benefits of using continuous vacuum frying machines are as follows:

1.Continuous vacuum frying machine frying is to fry and dehydrate food at low temperature(80~120℃),which can reduce the damage of high temperature to the nutritional content of food.

2.The use of a continuous vacuum fryer can prevent edible oils from deteriorating and deteriorating.There is no need to add other antioxidants,which can improve the reuse rate of oil and reduce costs.

3.The oil content of the continuous vacuum fryer is 10%-20%,and the fuel saving is 30%-40%.The fuel saving effect is significant.The food is crispy but not greasy,and has good storage properties.

4.In the vacuum state of the continuous vacuum fryer,the water in the interstitial spaces of fruit and vegetable cells rapidly vaporizes and expands,and the interstitial spaces expand.The puffing effect is good,the product is crispy and delicious,and has good rehydration performance.

Continuous vacuum frying machine is suitable for nuts,puffed foods,flour products,meat products,aquatic products,soy products,etc.