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What electrical issues should we pay attention to when using a vacuum fryer?

What specific aspects of electricity consumption should be paid attention to when using a vacuum fryer?

What specific aspects of electricity consumption should be paid attention to when using a vacuum fryer?

Hairui Food Equipment shares the following:

1.Fully automatic frying machine The fully automatic series of frying machines are mainly suitable for larger food production companies.They are characterized by continuous production,energy saving,labor saving,and more uniform product quality.In terms of energy,electricity,thermal oil,coal,natural gas,liquefied gas and external circulation heating can be used.The oil-water energy-saving frying pan has electric heating,coal heating,gas heating and other methods.It is a smokeless,multi-functional,oil-water mixed frying equipment.The equipment uses the selected oil-water mixed frying equipment.The technology has completely changed the structure of traditional frying equipment and fundamentally solved the shortcomings of traditional deep-frying pots.It can fry various foods at the same time without mixing odors with each other.One machine has multiple uses.This technology uses heating from the middle of the oil layer.,control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layers,effectively alleviate the oxidation degree of the frying oil,increase the acid medium,automatically filter the residue during the frying process,and automatically control the temperature,thereby extending the service life of the frying oil.All electrical maintenance and repairs on the fryer must be performed by a skilled electrical engineer.It is necessary to prevent the fryer from being powered on at any time.

2.Use an insulating and current-opening switch to remove power from the circuit and oil pan.Verify that the loop is connected using appropriate tools.Do not touch capacitors when they are not completely dissipating heat.

3.Everyone must leave the machine before the fryer is powered on.

4.All electrical maintenance and repairs of the frying machine must be performed by skilled electrical engineers.Prevent the fryer from being operated when it is powered on at any time.

5.Use insulation and current disconnect switches to remove power from the circuit and fryer.Use appropriate tools to verify that the loops are connected together.Do not touch the capacitor until it has completely dissipated heat.

6.Before the oil-water separation frying machine is powered on,all people must leave the machine.

7.Only when investigating the electrical and wires can the door of the operating panel be opened to confirm whether the insulation device is operating normally.

8.The cover of the insulating tray must be closed at the end of the operation.This is the introduction to the electrical safety of frying machines.I hope it will be helpful to you.When using a vacuum fryer,after controlling the electricity consumption,we must also pay attention to controlling the oil temperature,frying time and operating techniques.Poor control of these aspects may also cause safety hazards.