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Why are vacuum fryers so popular now

During the frying process, all the oil is in a high-temperature state. The oil quickly deteriorates and its viscosity increases. It turns dark brown after repeated use a few times.

Do you know why vacuum fryers are so popular now?
During the frying process,all the oil is in a high-temperature state.The oil quickly deteriorates and its viscosity increases.It turns dark brown after repeated use a few times.The food residue accumulated at the bottom of the pot increases as the oil is used for a longer period of time,which not only causes Oil becomes dirty,and oxidation will also produce carcinogens such as nitrosopyridines and alkanes.Moreover,oil used for a long time at high temperatures will produce thermal oxidation reactions and generate peroxides of unsaturated fatty acids,which directly hinders the body's ability to process fats and proteins.absorption,reducing the nutritional value of food.
Completed continuously under vacuum,the oil content of the product is low and the product is under negative pressure.Food processing under such relatively anoxic conditions can reduce or even avoid oxidation(such as fatty rancidity,enzymatic browning and other oxidative deterioration).etc.).In a negative pressure state,using oil as the heat transfer medium,the moisture inside the food(free water and partially bound water)will evaporate rapidly and eject,causing the tissue to form a loose and porous structure.Therefore,compared with fried foods,vacuum fried products are Healthier,nutritious,convenient,and green,and green is the current trend in food production development.This is why vacuum frying machines are so popular now.