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How to maintain vacuum fryer

The vacuum fryer must be maintained more frequently. How to maintain the vacuum fryer?

The vacuum fryer must be maintained more frequently.How to maintain the vacuum fryer?

1.Before the vacuum fryer is powered on,oil must be added to the furnace body to avoid burning out the electric heating tube.The heating tube must be immersed in the medium to work.Check the performance and sensitivity of the photoelectric switch regularly.The heating tube of the vacuum fryer should be cleaned in time after being used for a period of time,at least four times a month.

2.Please be sure to unplug the vacuum fryer after each use and wait until the equipment is completely cool before starting to clean.When cleaning,use a soft cloth soaked in neutral detergent to wipe gently.Do not use metal brushes,corrosive solvents, avoid damaging the non-stick.Coatings and equipment surfaces.

3.Do not put the entire vacuum fryer into water for cleaning to avoid electric shock crisis and functional impairment.Use a wrung-out wet cloth to wipe away any attached debris.

4.When not in use for a long time,please clean the appliance and store it after drying.

5.Clean the residue on the surface of the vacuum fryer in a timely manner.The residue should not accumulate too much or be too thick to prevent the heat stored in the residue from causing a fire.

In summer,the water of the vacuum fryer should be changed once a day.In winter,it can be changed regularly according to the water quality to protect the quality of the oil.