Continuous Vacuum Fryer Conti-VFA-ULTRA Series


● Keep the vacuum inside the fryer assembly;

● Operate below normal atmospheric pressure, so the moisture boils at a lower temperature;

● Fried snacks made from potatoes, apples, yams and other high-sugar products without browning;

● Control acrylamide;

● The frying oil temperature can be kept below 120℃, and acrylamide will not form at this point.;

● Uses less floor space and energy than traditional vacuum fryers;

● Integrated degreasing centrifuge to reduce product oil content;

● Significantly reduce the formation of free fatty acids, start the preheater;

● Protect product quality and produce healthy products with more natural colors, flavors and textures;

● Save a lot of labor and ensure food hygiene and safety;

● Short frying time, high efficiency, energy saving and low fat;


Basic configuration:

Continuous feeding system and vacuum discharge lock;

Vacuum system: with vacuum pump, air filter, condenser, degreaser, condensate collection box;

Discharge lock;

Oil circulation system: oil pump, heat exchanger, automatic oil filter;

Lighting inspection window;

Automatic oil level control;

Clean in place system;

Temperature and pressure control;

PLC control operation of product feeding, fryer operation and cleaning system;

Conveyor hoist;

Stainless steel structure;

Continuous automatic centrifugal deoiling;


Conti-VFA-ULTRA series models:

Conti-VF260A-ULTRA series, Conti-VF500A-ULTRA series