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Vacuum Microwave Puffing Equipment

Microwave vacuum dryers combine two different technologies, microwave and vacuum, to create specific conditions for drying very sensitive products.When the microwave transmits gentle and uniform heat to the product, the vacuum atmosphere allows the use of a lower drying temperature.This drying technology is very suitable for continuous drying of fragile and heat-sensitive products without affecting the quality.Microwave dryers are fast and can retain many original aspects of the product introduced into the chamber.

Application of microwave vacuum drying:

Highly suitable applications of this process include medicines and pre-pharmaceutical products, as well as various food processing products;

Suitable for products that are very sensitive to heat;

Suitable for very viscous products;

Dried vegetable extract;

Pharmaceutical products;

Nutritional products;

Vacuum Microwave Puffing Equipment

Vacuum Microwave Puffing Equipment