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Centrifuge, Dewatering Machine, Deoiling Machine


It is used for dehydration of lettuce, salads, onions, vegetables or mixtures thereof, degreasing of fried foods, etc., or for dehydration of raw materials in the plant-based/meat substitute industry.

The centrifuge/rotary machine is designed for dehydration of delicate products such as young leaf lettuce, and it is also very suitable for drying in a centrifuge for products with high bulk density such as chopped onions.The centrifuge will achieve a low moisture content of the product, thereby extending the shelf life of the product.

Our centrifuge production line is equipped with conveyor belts and control panels.

Our centrifuges have different sizes, capacities and different gravity.It can also be a double centrifuge

The capacity of each centrifuge depends on the capacity of the product you want to process.

We are happy to provide you with appropriate suggestions based on the information you provide.

Centrifuge, Dewatering Machine, Deoiling Machine

Centrifuge, Dewatering Machine, Deoiling Machine