Belt Type Fruit and Vegetable Osmotic Dehydration Equipment

Osmotic drying equipment is mainly used as a pretreatment of fruits and vegetables before vacuum frying.

Our main advantages:

-Real technical knowledge and practical experience.

-The permeate and the product are automatically stirred evenly and gently to avoid damage to the material.

-Automatically adjust the temperature of the liquid and maintain the stability of the sugar content.

-High penetration and drying efficiency.According to the characteristics of the product, combined with different concentrations of permeable liquids, after permeation and drying, the vacuum frying time is greatly shortened, it only takes a few minutes, while some products without permeation and drying need 30-90 minutes for vacuum frying.

-Suitable for a variety of products, combined with combination frying or vacuum frying, the finished chips have a good taste and retain the flavor of the product itself.