Wireless Thawing Equipment

The product is placed on the conveyor belt of the machine and continuously transmitted through the radio frequency unit (tunnel) between the upper and lower metal plates.These plates (also called electrodes) form a capacitor, and the product between the plates becomes the dielectric element of the capacitor.The electrode plate is connected to a radio frequency generator that oscillates at a frequency of several million cycles per second.When the radio frequency generator applies a high-frequency AC voltage between the capacitor plates, the dipole water molecules of the frozen product will vibrate and rotate, trying to arrange according to the rapidly changing polarity of the opposite plates.

This phenomenon can cause intermolecular friction, which quickly and evenly generates heat throughout the product quality, regardless of its size, weight, shape, and thermal conductivity.The heat generated inside the product and the defrosting time are precisely controlled by the voltage applied to the electrode plate and the speed of the conveyor belt.