Peeling Machine

Fully automatic production lines are a new dimension of strawberry production. It stands out for its innovative design, high degree of automation, simple operation and the effectiveness of strawberry shelling. It provides low production costs and large output.

The design composed of stainless steel and technical plastics facilitates the cleaning and hygienic handling of the product.

Each machine has two loading points, assisted by the feed hopper. The machine enables continuous cutting of strawberry petals and realizes the effective separation of strawberries from waste products. The processed product is poured onto the conveyor belt.

This series of automatic production lines can handle more strawberries of all shapes and sizes, but requires previous calibration.

Each machine can operate autonomously or in an integrated manner on the line.

Key features and benefits of fully automatic:.

The average output is 2100 kg/hour

Reduce the labor required to remove the strawberry calyx by 85%..

The cutting process is made of high-quality and repeatable finished products.

The production line is designed to be easy to clean..

Made of high-quality materials.

2. Semi-automatic technical parameters

Production capacity: 300 pcs/min

Power: 2.5kw

Compressed air: 8bar 80L/min

Machine weight: 1800Kg

Overall dimensions (mm): 1400X4320X2600

Strawberry size: Φ18~55mm

Operator: 4 people

Loss: 10%