Oil Management System

One. Scope of application:

Mainly suitable for snack foods, chicken, fish, vegetables, French fries, prefabricated food, baked goods, etc. Frying oil filtration

Second, the advantages:

1. The hot oil filter provides 1 micron filtration to remove deposits before the hot oil burns or burns, thereby extending its service life.

2. The ability of the filter to discharge dry debris can minimize the oil out.

3. Reduce and/or remove total polar compounds (TPC) and free fatty acids (FFA)

4. 1 micron filtration can slow down or eliminate the decomposition of oil.

5. The growth of total polar compounds (TPC) and free fatty acids (FFA) caused by burning solids is eliminated.

6. When combined with the oil carry-over in the product, the growth of TPC/FFA will be delayed or eliminated.

7. Use the filtration continuous treatment system (CTS) and FFA absorber to continuously keep the FFA below 0.10%!

8. With the help of a batch processing system and an FFA absorber, the filter can recover oil with an FFA content of up to 0.9%.

Three, the basic configuration:

Oil storage tank, mixer, filter aid, conveying system, filter oil pump, etc.