Cleaning Machine

The principle of vacuum impregnation machine is:

Under vacuum conditions, the air and part of the water in the micropores of the impregnated raw material and between the plant cells are first sucked; the high-concentration impregnation solution penetrates into the cell gaps and micropores of the plant under the action of osmotic pressure (concentration difference) and gravity; heat exchange quickly takes away the evaporated water, thereby improving the impregnation efficiency.

It takes 3 hours to macerate fruit and vegetable crisps under atmospheric pressure, while vacuum maceration takes about 30 minutes. The traditional maceration method of preserved fruit takes 5 to 7 days to soak in sugar, which is now shortened to about 3 hours to complete, and can be adjusted for flavor and coloring, good taste and beautiful shape, storage resistance, low bacterial index, and efficiency increased by 10 to dozens of times.

Scope of application:

Fruit and vegetable chips, preserved fruit (candied fruit), instant vegetables and dishes of various flavors.