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Fruit and vegetable hydraulic cutting machine:

1. Principle of hydraulic cutting: Cutting potatoes for human consumption is a very fine and precise process.In this process, the potatoes are packed in water and pumped to a fixed stainless steel cutting blade under high pressure to cut a delicate final product.

Hydraulic cutting machines can slice various products, such as potatoes and carrots. The product is transported to a water storage tank that enters a closed waterway. Potatoes are cut at high speed through a specially developed knife holder, and the product is cut in half, one-quarter or one-sixth. Dicing can basically cut each slice (dicing, dicing, etc.) with minimal adaptability, and even cut the product into strips or slices. There are other heterosexual shapes to choose from. The demand for “special cutting” products has increased, and new creative shapes have been introduced.

2. Equipment characteristics:

Provides high quality and durability through a compact integrated system that is easy to install. 

Its user-friendly, flexible operation and hygienic design.

It is essential for processors to increase their operations or run seasonal and special products.

*Integrated, compact, non-slip installation system

•Stainless steel hydraulic pipe is suitable for products with a diameter of up to 100 mm

*Flexible processing capacity 453-22,679 kg

•Designed for quick and thorough hygiene and replacement

3. The scope of application of hydraulic cutting machine

Hydraulic cutting machines can provide high-end cutting solutions for professional processing industries such as vegetables and fruits; for example




Red beet



Persimmon pepper


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