High Temperature Fryer

Multifunctional vacuum frying is simple to make. Comes with a vacuum fryer to save space and control acrylamide.

Continuous vacuum fryer produces a variety of fried products, including root vegetables and fruits, with a lower fat content, which is one of the new frying systems.The product is at a lower temperature, thereby reducing oil absorption, thereby reducing fat content, and reducing the production of acrylamide, regardless of sugar content.Produce healthy products with a more natural color, taste and texture.

Get the benefits of vacuum frying without the complexity of an external vacuum chamber.Like our other continuous fryers, the unified vacuum fryer is easy to clean and maintain without the need for dangerous and labor-intensive work to get it in and out of the vacuum chamber.

Component parts:

Continuous feeding system and vacuum discharge lock;

Vacuum system: with vacuum pump, air filter, condenser, degreaser, condensate collection box;

Discharge lock;

Oil circulation system: oil pump, heat exchanger, automatic oil filter;

Lighting inspection window;

Automatic oil level control;

Clean in place system;

Temperature and pressure control;

pLC control operation of product feeding, fryer operation and cleaning system;

Conveyor hoist;

Stainless steel structure;

Continuous automatic centrifugal deoiling;


· Keep the vacuum inside the fryer assembly;

· Operate below normal atmospheric pressure, so the moisture boils at a lower temperature;

· Deep-fried snacks made from potatoes, apples, yams and other high-sugar products without browning;

· Control acrylamide;

· The frying oil temperature can be kept below 120℃, and no acrylamide will form at this point.;

· Uses less floor space and energy than traditional vacuum fryers;

· Integrated degreasing centrifuge to reduce product oil content;

· Significantly reduce the formation of free fatty acids, start the preheater;

· Protect product quality and produce healthy products with more natural colors, flavors and textures;

· Save a lot of labor and ensure food hygiene and safety;

· Short frying time, high efficiency, energy saving and low fat