Hydraulic French Fries Cutting Machine

Scope of adaptation:

Cut the potatoes into various shapes along the length; wedges, French fries, slices, shelled and diced.

Apples are cored and clipped, carrots, cucumbers are cut into strips, persimmons, green peppers are cored, etc.

Basic equipment configuration:

It is an industrial food processing equipment that uses high-pressure water jets to cut and slice food.The hydraulic cutting machine consists of a pump, a high-pressure water system and a cutting head.

One of the advantages of using a hydraulic cutting machine is that it can provide accurate cutting while effectively reducing product waste.

It can also easily cut products of different shapes and sizes.In addition, high-pressure water jets can disinfect the product during the cutting process, reducing the risk of bacterial contamination.

Overall, hydraulic cutting machines are useful equipment in the food processing industry, which can provide precise cutting and improve food production efficiency.